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3D Laser Scanner Technology:

3D Laser scanners work rapidly to capture up to 1 million pts in a matter of seconds, are accurate to < 1mm and this information is then converted into a point cloud.

3D Laser scanners have applications in 3d modelling environments, as-built documentation, maintenance, brown-field , taking accurate dimensions and visualisations in industries such as the civil engineering, construction, oil & gas, historical, heritage and architectural and are the preferred option of data capture of complex structures and in challenging environments.

Our Z+F 5010X 3d scanner offers unrivalled speed and precision of data capture and is a leader in short range phase based laser scanning. Example applications of the Z+F 5010X can be viewed here

In addition with thermal imagery and Z+F Smartlight capability, the Z+F 5010X is able to function in low light conditions and provide high resolution thermal imagery. These features allow the monitoring of heat stress and deformation in metals, including the reliability and degradation monitoring of vital machinery for example.