Rugged, reliable land survey solution

The LAND-PAK system provides an unprecedented level of performance and flexibility by including both RTK and StarFire™ capabilities as standard. Ultra RTK™ provides cm level performance up to 40 km from the base station while StarFire™ provides 5cm operation anywhere, anytime without the need for a base station. With NavCom’s patented RTK Extend™ feature, users can work in challenging environments and maintain RTK-level accuracy even during base station radio outages.

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Technical Features

Available with the LAND-PAK system are choices in ruggedized controllers and easy to use application software. The core of the system is the SF-3040 GNSS receiver that includes all needed receiver accessories to complete the job. The rugged, waterproof and shock proof design coupled with hot swappable batteries ensures continuous operation in the harshest of environments. UHF and GSM communication links with support for multiple RTK formats allows the LAND-PAK rover to work with a variety of base stations. The Sapphire™ GNSS technology with multi-constellation (GPS, GLONASS) support and superior signal sensitivity allows operation even in shaded environments. Quick setup, ease of use and superb performance allows LAND-PAK to meet the needs of even the most demanding surveyor.


Key Features

  • Integrated UHF and GSM support
  • Bluetooth® Cable free, all-on-the pole design
  • Multi-constellation support
  • Ultra RTK (up to 40K baseline)
  • Built-in StarFire™ receiver with lifetime license
  • StarFire™ 5cm standalone accuracy
  • RTK Extend™ – Coast through base station outages
  • Dual hot swappable batteries for continuous operation
  • SF-3040 GNSS receiver operates as a base or rover
  • Water proof and shock resistant
  • 3 year warranty
  • Available Tunable UHF Radio Module Kit (403-473Mhz): 92-210206-3001LF



Ultra RTK + RTK Extend

In addition to traditional RTK accuracy, LAND-PAK adds a powerful combination of RTK add-ins that help reduce outages while providing extended coverage, saving our users valuable time and effort. Ultra RTK provides RTK-level accuracy up to 40km away from a base station and RTK Extend allows for continuous RTK positioning during radio outages by allowing StarFire™ to take over when the RTK radio communication signal is blocked or out of range.


All the right tools available

Available with the LAND-PAK system are choices in ruggedized controllers, easy to use application software, and office software. The core of the system is the SF-3040 GNSS receiver that includes all needed receiver accessories to complete the job. The LAND-PAK comes with an industry leading three year manufacturer’s warranty. LAND-PAK also includes a lifetime license for our StarFire™ global satellite-based augmentation system providing five centimetre accuracy worldwide, enabling users to utilize both Ultra RTK & RTK Extend.



The LAND-PAK system comes in two configurations for maximum flexibility: the LAND-PAK Survey System that includes both a base and rover with integrated UHF radios plus 3G for use with Network RTK. Also available is a 3G RTK Network rover system.







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