We Supply A Complete Range Of Survey Equipment:

Survey Equipment including survey-grade total stations, gnss receivers , data recorders and theodolites. Products designed for use by surveyors and builders from trusted brands like Geomax, Navcom and Nedo.

Total Stations

When high accuracy is of high importance choose Total stations by Geomax. Survey instruments that stand out for their comparative features and functionality are our preferred product based on reliability and quality of user experience. Total Stations from 5 " through to 1" angular accuracy are available. They have a user friendly interface running Windows CE operating system and offer you the freedom to integrate onboard field software that best suits your needs. The Geomax robotic total station package includes data recorder.

GNSS Equipment

Achieve RTK level accuracy with GNSS receivers from Navcom , Geomax or Carlson. Base station and rover or rover only packages. GNSS systems with multi-constellation support. Coverage and performance even in tough environments. With solutions designed for multiple applications for example collect data at distances you once thought impossible with Navcom receivers which work up to 40 km away from base station.

Data Recorders

Data recorders with blue tooth connectivity included as standard and quality screens that are easy to read in variable conditions. Youre free to choose which software you want to integrate and options available if you want to upgrade. Pair them up with either survey total stations or GNSS receivers and complete tasks to desired levels of accuracy.


We offer builders grade theodolites, instruments used to measure horizontal and vertical angles electronically and built tough for use on the construction site. Possible applications include setting out right angles and straight lines in construction by concretors and for drainage work.
We can set you up with the complete survey kit. Whatever your type of work we have the instruments for your needs.