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With the environment changing rapidly and the onset of climate change, monitoring of natural features and dense environmental locales is becoming critical to the analysis and protection of our natural surroundings. 3D laser scanning provides a powerful solution to the rate of data acquirement and environment analysis through the capture of high resolution, colourized spatial data. Cost efficient, safe and un-invasive: 3D laser scanning optimizes any environmental monitoring research and opens up new opportunities in project design and costing.


With ultra-high precision and point density in short scan occupation times, the Z+F 5010 series of laser scanners offers a comprehensive spatial solution. Easy to learn and easier to integrate, the Z+F 3D laser scanner range is able to tackle any environmental project expeditiously and efficiently. By combining spatial data with colour project orthophotos can be produced allowing users document and show environmental changes to clients.


By adding either an external Z+F thermal camera or Smartlight, the 5010C/5010X range of laser scanners are able to function in either low light conditions or provide infrared analysis of environments enabling hidden trends and features to be revealed. These added capabilities allow for the monitoring of heat distribution in minerals and rock formations.


An example of an ongoing environmental monitoring application is the capture of the Waterman’s Bay shoreline in Perth, Australia. Employing the Z+F 5010C/X scanner in scanning the shoreline, a millimetre precision is achieved with a photorealistic point cloud. The high quality scans produced offer a reliable method to monitor sand movements as well as produce change detection volume computations. As this beach exhibits significant changes in sand volume in an annual cycle, volume computations, scanner imagery and general field photographs are used to observe erosion over the beach cycle to evaluate any long term trends in the shoreline.

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