Z+F Dimensional Control

Dimensional control is a key component in all leading construction, mechanical, civil and other industry projects and is often the cornerstone of the success of these projects affecting all facets of system functionality and being the difference between merely a good project and ground-breaking design and efficiency. 3D laser scanning has significantly optimised CAD design and dimensional control process by allowing easy, precise capture of high resolution 3D spatial data. The Z+F 5010 series of laser scanners are driven by their high rate of data capture, variable point cloud densities and utmost reliability in providing precise results <1mm. 3D laser scanning enhances any project and opens up new opportunities in design, analysis and efficiency.


Reliably providing millimetre precision and accuracy even without the use of target points, in conjunction with colourisation and photo capability, the Z+F 3D laser scanner range is able to tackle projects quickly and adapt on the go.

With the recently released, well received and continually updated Z+F Laser Control Scout field software operators can now evaluate their scans whilst in the field, with immediate results and on-site point cloud registration. Now you can always be sure your work is complete and cohesive in the field and save costly returns to site.


By choosing to include Z+F scanner options like thermal imagery or SmartLight, the Z+F 5010X is able to operate in low light conditions and provide high resolution thermal imagery. Now you can monitor both heat stress and deformation in metals, tracking and assessing reliability / degradation of vital machine components during their use. Z+F innovation facilitates the precise, rapid monitoring of heat distribution in a system in 3D and is certain to be a game changing addition to any project.


An example of such dimensional control is the WEL ECHO project in Perth, Australia. This application of the Z+F 5010X scanner captured even the finest details of the system in photo-realistic quality at sub-millimetre precision and at a rate once thought impossible. The works allowed the comparison of the initial CAD design to be overlayed upon the real-world production to evaluate deviations from design and material stress.


Fieldwork Movies

Z+F Dimensional Scanning - Imager 5010X Wel Echo Module 1
Z+F Dimensional Scanning - Imager 5010X Wel Echo Module 2
Z+F Dimensional Scanning - Imager 5010X Wel Echo Module 3
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