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Modern civil engineering and structure design is a demanding industry, with projects often undergoing repeated re-analysis and re-evaluation throughout their lifespan. Using 3D laser scanning, companies around the world have significantly optimised their data acquisition and structure analysis through monitoring change and progress on projects. Providing a cost efficient, safe and un-invasive method of collected CAD compatible spatial data which encapsulates sites and structures, 3D laser scanning enhances any civil construction project and provides a new level of professionalism in demonstrating progress to clients.


Able to provide incredible point density in short scan occupation times, the Z+F 5010 series of laser scanners offer a robust and reliable spatial data capture solution. With millimetre precision and accuracy, in conjunction with colourisation and photo capability, Z+F’s 3D laser scanners are able to tackle any civil project quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore using Laser Control Scout field software, operators are able to evaluate the scanning registration process in the field on the fly, thus providing them immediate results and on-site point cloud registration.


By adding either an external Z+F thermal camera or Smartlight, the 5010C/5010X range of laser scanners are able to function in either low light conditions or provide infrared analysis allowing rigorous 3D heat map generation of structures and works. These utilities offer very powerful analytics for analysis of heat distribution and volumetric expansion in metals for mining and civil structural projects.


An example of a civil structure scanning project was the Hillarys Marina Breakwater walkway access bridge in Perth, Australia. Being a large wood, concrete and steel structure spanning over a hundred meters with significant foot traffic, laser scanning technology was the best solution to provide high accuracy CAD compatible engineering model datasets. Pedestrian foot traffic proved to be no issue when implementing a laser scanning solution, with only minor interferences being seen from people passing by, all of which were easily edited out in data post-processing and cleaning.


The Z+F 5010X provided a millimetre precision solution, resolving the entirety of the structure including key I-beams under the bridge. These measurements allow designs and additions to the structure to be drafted with exact knowledge of how and where they may be implemented due to the high accuracy tolerances of the Z+F 5010X. A photorealistic model of any civil structure is an incredibly powerful tool in providing updates in design and construction, with fly-through videos created in only a few clicks, 3D laser scanning is an innovation set to take any civil work to the next level.

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