Satel radios have been trusted for over 20 years in a wide variety of industries including SCADA systems, factory automation, GNSS for surveying and precision agriculture, transportation, security, telemetry, and more.


We provide complete communications systems, with radios and accessories to meet any customer needs. We have decades of experience and can guide customers from system design, to equipment selection, and even on site path studies and system commissioning. All of our products come with unlimited pre-sale and post-sale technical support with multiple experienced technicians ready to assist you at any time.


Connecting anything to anywhere

Satel USA provides private wireless connectivity with an unstinting array of radio products and turnkey solutions built specifically for difficult, long distance, or mission critical applications.


Representing Finnish Satel Oy in the US, we are dedicated to solving the diverse needs of wireless users. Partnering with existing industry specific system integrators, equipment resellers, and original equipment manufacturers, we provide the necessary radio hardware and supplementary services to make any project or product a success. Our knowledgeable and supportive engineers and sales staff are here to assist with all phases of project or product development, and provide free pre- and post- sales support to all of our products.


For a detailed company overview and current product line please read the Satel USA company brochure.