Gexcel SRL

Gexcel started in 2007 with the mission to turn the latest scientific achievements in the field of Geomatics into hi-tech products and services for wide application areas. The company aims to transfer its know-how towards specific solutions, designed to provide significant improvements to the efficiency of private customers and enterprises. Thanks to its high specialisation and professionalism, Gexcel is able to satisfy the requirements of a wide range of customers: from big engineering companies looking for advanced ad hoc solutions and services, to local government agencies as well as smaller clients interested in dedicated solutions.



Gexcel has a rich history spanning more than 10 years of proven fully featured LIDAR and imagery analysis software packages with the JRC 3D Reconstructor® and PointR3 and PixR3 completely compatible with all terrestrial, mobile and airborne scanners from manufacturers such as DotProduct, Faro, Riegl, Siteco, Stonex, Teledyne-Optech, Topcon, Trimble and Z+F. Gexcel Srl is proud to support all major standard formats such as the ASTM E57 and to provide one of the best automatic target-less registration tool available on the market. Gexcel has also developed innovative procedures and instruments fully integrated with Gexcel’s software.



Thanks to its high knowledge, Gexcel designs customised solutions and provides “ad hoc” services in close relationship with its partners. In the last years, several companies have defined partnership agreements and contracts with Gexcel in order to develop customised solutions as automatic 3D measuring portals in industrial field, new develop and surveying instruments or customised software development.


GEXCEL and the European Commission:

Some researchers of the European Commission Joint Research Centre of Ispra, Italy (EC-JRC) moved out and co-founded Gexcel. Gexcel and the European Commission signed a technology transfer agreement. From this agreement was born the JRC 3D Reconstructor® software, nowadays completely developed by Gexcel.

For a company overview and current product line please read the Gexcel company presentation.