Line Lasers

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  • CUBE line Laser

    The universal multi-line laser for the tool box. Small, handy and can be used universally. For levelling, alignment and squaring jobs. Product Ref.-No. 460 869.</p> ...
  • CUBE Green line Laser

    The self-levelling multi-line green laser creates a laser cross and an additional vertical laser line at right angles, making the Nedo CUBE perfect not only for fast and uncomplicated levelling and aligning, but also for marking of right angles. Than...
  • X-Liner5P

    A self-levelling 5-beam point laser which transmits three horizontal and two vertical laser points: to the front, left, right, up and down. The laser points are arranged in an exact right angle to one another. The horizontal laser points are all at o...
  • X-Liner2

    Self-levelling cross line laser with one vertical and one horizontal line. The highly visible laser cross on the wall allows rapid and precise levelling and alignment. Thanks to the pulse function, the X-Liner2 can be used with the ACCEPTORline laser...
  • X-Liner 360 2 Green

    Self-levelling multi-line laser for levelling, aligning, plumbing and marking off right angles in interior finishing. The green laser lines are particularly easy to see. The continuous horizontal 360° laser line makes levelling jobs very easy. The t...
  • X-Liner 3D Green

    Self-levelling multi-line laser with green 3 x 360° laser lines. Green laser lines and robust self-levelling allow for quick and easy levelling, aligning, plumbing and marking off right angles in interior outfitting.</p> ...