Cable Locators

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  • Leica DD120 Utility Locator

    The new Leica DD120 locator reduces the complexity normally associated with scanning for buried utilities. For construction professionals who need to know what is beneath their sites, the DD120 cable locator is a simple, intuitive locator designed to...
  • Leica DD220 Utility Locator

    The Leica DD220 is an easy-to-use, intuitive locator simplifying the detection of buried utilities and increasing user confidence. With automated pinpointing technology and a clear visible display, the DD220 discovers buried utilities with confidence...
  • Leica Trace Rod 50m

    50m Fiberglass tracing rod designed to be used with the Leica DA220 and DA230 series Signal Transmitters. Designed to trace pipes that do not produce their own signal and which you are unable to apply a signal to (i.e. plastic pipe) – use with ...
  • Leica DD Series 100mm Signal Clamp

    Leica’s 100mm Signal Clamp is designed for use with its DD220 and DD230 Smart series Signal Generators. After connecting to a compatible signal transmitter, the clamp is placed around the outer sheath of the buried utility. Then, by using the cable...
  • Leica 8/33 Dual Frequency MAXiSonde – 12m

    The Leica 8/33 dual-frequency compact Sonde can be used to trace deep lying drains, sewers and other non-conductive utilities. Acting like a signal transmitter, the MAXiSonde can be attached to various equipment, including drain rods, boring tools an...
  • Leica DD Series System Bag

    Heavy Duty Bag for Leica DD100 or DD200 Smart Series Cable Detectors – compartments for Cable Locator, Signal Transmitter and accessories.</p> ...