Machine Control Efficiency For Your Business:

Machine control is more and more being used to accurately position earthwork machinery.
Machines such as motor graders, dozers and excavators can be assisted to more efficiently cut and fill to grade with MOBA machine control.

3D Machine Control Technology:

3D Machine control works on the principle of using 3D design models and GPS receivers or total station to aid machine operators.
3D systems use advanced technology such as GNSS and total station coupled with sensors to work out relative positions of the machine attachments and to compare with the digital design model on the computer to compute a depth of cut or fill. The operator is supported through intuitive, clear presentation of information on the display unit in real time.

3D design models are part of the project documentation supplied by the project designers and project management.  An advantage that MOBA has over its competitors is that unlike other systems on the market there is no need to convert design model into other formats.
MOBA uses industry standard Auto Cad DWG file therefore eliminating human errors in converting design model from DWG format to different file format.
3D design models in original DWG format as supplied by the designers can be loaded up in the system on the site by the resident surveyor or remotely from by project management.
An advantage of 3D machine control is that efficiency is enhanced because machinery operators always know exactly where they are on the site, and where the machine attachment is in relation to the final grade.
This permits fast work without having to constantly perform manual resurveys. And with no waiting on surveyors and grade checkers significantly improves machine productivity.
Operating costs such as fuel and equipment maintenance is also lowered as the number of passes required to get to grade is reduced.
Machine control systems improve working efficiency, eliminate re-work, reduce operating costs, reduce surveying costs as well as increase the safety in the workplace.

The Latest 3D Machine Control Systems:


 MOBA 3D Matic 3D levelling system for Graders and Dozers offers precise and accurate height and slope control and is designed to be used on motor graders for fine grading work
MOBA 3D Matic achieves very precise results as it uses a combination of sensors, GNSS and /or total station data to continuously calculate the position, height, orientation, of the blade in real time. It automatically regulates the blade relative to the 3-D design, and allows offsets tolerances to be adjusted manually by the operator.
On the well-organized 7 Inch touch screen display the operator can see actual position and the discrepancy to the digital model.  The system allows for manual override if the cut to the design surface is too high for the machine to cut. If digital project data is not available simple profile can be created within the system.
The system allows machine operator to be in full control at any time displaying all information about position of the blade relative to the design surface.
An added advantage of Moba 3D- matic 3D levelling system is that it can record all finish surface data for quality control documentation, therefore efficiency is increased by eliminating survey work.


MOBA XSite pro excavator control system uses up to up to two GNSS antennas to precisely detect the position of the excavator. Measurements are processed in real time and immediately displayed on the 8.4“ graphic touch screen. The digital model is entered into the system and the system will indicate whether you are too low, too high or on-grade.
You can define multiple profiles for different works, and have access to them anytime. Saves you time, fuel and material while increasing the efficiency of your machine.