Laser Levels:

Laser levels for leveling,aligning,plumbing,marking right angles and grade control for interior and outdoor applications.
From laser levels with easy one button operation where you simply turn it on and go about doing your task to the more complex dual grade rotating lasers, the Nedo range of laser levels offer a solution for every task

The Nedo range of laser levels include:
Dot laser:   A 5-beam point laser which transmits three horizontal and two vertical laser points
Line lasers:  Transmit a line in either a single line or a cross con­figuration. Usually used in indoor applications.
Rotating Lasers:  Transmits a 360o level line. Can be used for either indoor or outdoor applications. Includes the Primus series rotating lasers that sets the set the standard for ruggedness , long life and visibility.
Pipe Lasers: Transmits a solid single beam. Used for aligning pipes.

Selecting The Right Laser Level:

Take into consideration the lasers specifications. In particular, the accuracy and working range to make sure it is right for the job.
Applications that Nedo lasers are perfect for include:
Line Lasers:  Rotating Lasers:
Application Dry lining Casting concrete floors
Interior finishing Metre marking in interior work
Electrical installations Ceiling and dry wall construction
Carpentry Use of batter boards
Sanitary installations Bricklaying
Alignment of construction components Landscaping
Tiling Road construction
Ceiling and steel construction Interior finishing
Paintwork Rough and fine grading
Installation of doors  and windows Depth control for excavations
Metre marking in interior work Concrete formwork
360° horizontal line Facade construction
Setting reference markers

Automatic Levels:

Auto levels are used to create a horizontal line if sight to determine differences in height. The main components include a telescope with crosshair which can rotate around the vertical axis, a horizontal circle for marking off right angles and the bubble which helps keep the instrument in horizontal position with a tribrach.
Automatic levels also feature a compensator mechanism which wil adjust the level to and exactly horizontal position within a small working range. The compensators are equipped with a damping system. Air dampened and magnetically dampened compensators are available have become generally accepted. The air dampened compensators are of better quality whereas magnetically dampened compensators are better priced.

Selecting The Right Auto Level:

Nedo offers a range of automatic levelling instruments:
  1. F Series: State of the art builders levels with powerful optical systems. Sturdy and reliable for tough jobs on construction sites
  2. X Series: Premium builders levels that meet the highest quality standards
  3. Z Series: Engineers levels that meet the highest quality standards. Protected against dust and jest water as per IP X6
Levels with a 24x magnification are ideal for application on the construction site. Levels with 28x or 32x magnification are used mainly for engineering and surveying purposes.