Company Profile

WA Precision Survey’s complete geospatial approach gives us the tools to develop efficient and customised solutions for projects anywhere in Australia. Many years of surveying experience behind us means we understand what works. Our mission is to make some of the more expensive positioning technologies more accessible. We source and represent products based on their comparative features, functionality and ability to deliver accurate results. All our products are available for purchase or hire, with post-sales support, service and training available. 


When choosing to work with WA Precision Surveys, clients have the added benefit of a single point of contact for all their surveying, laser scanning, machine control and construction hire and sales needs. We stand out amongst our competitors by supplying what we believe are better products,  breaking the monopoly of the bigger players and bringing price competition to the Australian market. Our highly experienced and flexible sales staff are happy to offer any advice. Product demonstrations are available in-store or can be arranged anywhere in Australia. Exceeding our customer’s expectations is what WAPS strives for each working day. Speak to us today about any of your survey, lidar, machine control or construction needs and let us help you find the right solution for your next project.