Company Profile

WA Precision Surveys provide clients total positioning solutions for Survey, LiDAR, Machine Control, Aerial Mapping and Construction through relationships developed with leading manufacturers from America and Europe. Products are available for either purchase or hire; with post sales service and training also available.


Our complete geospatial approach ensures we can develop efficient and customised solutions for projects of any scale. Our clients have the added benefit of a single point of contact for a comprehensive set of products available for purchase or hire.


It is our mission to make some of the more expensive positioning technologies more accessible. As such we offer a hire service and have in our fleet geomax gps equipment , geomax total stations and some of the worlds best laser scanners.


With our combined knowledge and understanding of our range of equipment we are happy to offer you advice to satisfy your enquiries. We are approachable, knowledgeable and ready to assist should you wish to take your enquiry to the next level.


We stand out among competitors by supplying what we believe to be better survey instruments and equipment, laser scanners and machine control systems, by breaking the monopoly of the bigger players and bringing about price competition to the market.


We pride ourselves on end-user customer satisfaction and believe that there is a unique solution for every client request. Our past reputation was built around delivering timely, accurate and reliable engineering surveying services to the construction industry on significant projects. We provide the same high level of customer service during our product sales process.


WAPS can offer clients the following products and services:

  • GNSS
  • Total Stations
  • Field Controllers
  • Accessories
  • Software
  • 3D Laser Scanners
  • Mobile LiDAR Scanning
  • Processing Software
Machine Control
  • 3D Excavator Systems
  • 3D Grader Systems
  • 3D Bulldozer Systems
  • 2D Paving Systems
  • Pave IR Systems
  • Roller Compaction Systems
  • Drilling Systems
  • Telematics Software
Aerial Mapping
  • Survey Grade UAV Drones
  • Commercial / Mapping UAV Drones
  • Photogrammetry Software
  • Rotating & Grade Lasers
  • Auto Levels & Theodolites
  • Construction Accessories
  • Subsurface Detectors
Service & Support
  • Product Servicing & Repairs
  • Machine Control Training
  • Machine Control Remote Help
  • Product Training
  • Software Training
  • Telephone, Email & Phone Support
  • Consultancy Services

Product demonstrations are available instore or anywhere in Australia by our highly experienced and flexible staff who are also available for general product advice, training and post-sales support.  Exceeding our customer’s expectations is what WAPS strives for each working day. Speak to WA Precision Surveys today about any of your Surveying, Lidar, Machine Control, Aerial Mapping or construction requirements and let us help you find the right solution for your next project.