Natural Resources

Essential for future land planning, exploration mining, crop management and forestry preservation, spatial data capture has evolved significantly since it early industry adaptations. With the right tools you can capture tree canopy heights, evaluate soil quality, monitor environmental erosion, understand agricultural crop health or monitor geological features. WAPS has you covered with high quality hardware solutions needed to successfully complete natural resources projects. We also offers associated software solutions.


Everything you require for natural resources mapping and analysis projects.  In particular UAV’s and Laser Scanners, call us today to receive further information.


Help cultivate and prepare agricultural land with the aid of MOBA’s 3D-Matic machine control kilvar levelling system. Take your land evaluation to the next level with aerial mapping technology from Teledyne Optech – offering an easy to learn, easy to use and extremely powerful UAV spatial and image data analysis platform, when paired up with Gexcel’s PixR2 Air photogrammetry processing software can distinguish between soil quality, crop yield and other multispectral options. Please see the product listings for further information



Take advantage of the rise in UAV aerial mapping drones or if more extensive survey data is required then high grade lidar systems from Teledyne Optech or Zoller & Fröhlich are available and cover all project options whether it may be TLS, MLS or ALS with high precision. Monitor fragile terrain by generating surface models and computing change detection volumes in minutes using Gexcel post processing software. WAPS offers after sales support and training for all products we sell and represent in Australia. Please see the following product for further information.



With ever present climate change, forestry and canopy monitoring projects are becoming more and more a necessity. WAPS aims to provide support and easy to implement solutions to these problems. Teledyne Optech’s aerial mapping and UAV drone products can be used to determine canopy heights whilst terrestrial and mobile lidar solutions can be used for forestry applications including preservation and trunk evaluation. Please see the Laser Scanners and Aerial Mapping listings for product information.



Rapid and precise geological assessments are now industry standard and WAPS is ready to rise above expectations in delivering only the fastest and most reliable Lidar, UAV and Survey spatial solutions. Confidently and quickly survey geological features and natural phenomena with the compact, easy to implement and precise Polaris and Maverick TLS and MLS scanning systems by Teledyne Optech. Meanwhile, Zoller & Frohlich offer a comprehensive underground lidar scanning solution with their Imager range of laser scanners. Please see the Laser Scanners and Aerial Mapping listings for further product information.