Mining Construction

We provide industry leading positioning, automation, monitoring and reporting products including Robotic total stations, manual total stations, GNSS receivers, and 3D laser scanners which are all used daily on mine site projects.


High quality products all backed up with our post sales training and support helping you improve your project efficiency, increase your profit margins and reduce the risk exposures to site workers whilst delivering increased accuracy.


All our products are also available for short or long term hire as required. Call us today and see how we can help you with your mining construction projects.

Data Collection

Pinpoint data accuracy collection is possible by utilising modern surveying equipment, data recorders and laser scanning technology available from WAPS. Manage your survey data sets onsite using Carlson SurvCE software. Capture scan data to the highest quality by utilising phase based 3D laser scanning technology by Zoller & Fröhlich or long range time-of-flight Teledyne Optech technology.  Please see our product listings below for further information.


Automation & Monitoring

Automate your mine site works to increase efficiency and ensure worker safety by utilising MOBA machine control.     Maintain, investigate and report even the smallest of slope changes with custom deformation monitoring solutions from Teledyne Optech and GeoMax Positioning.    Then collate and combine all our field data under one uniformed workflow using Carlson’s range of Survey, Civil and Mining software solutions. Please see our product listings below for further information.



Easily compute and update mine site material volumes using a combination of survey, lidar or aerial mapping technologies including millimetre accurate survey total station and GNSS products and the mass data capture capabilities of terrestrial, mobile lidar and aerial UAV mapping solutions.     Working with multiple sensor and data file formats poses no problems when combined with Gexcel point cloud processing, Carlson Survey and Civil software suites. Please see our product listings below for further information.


Aerial Surveys

Aerial surveying in the mining industry is becoming more readily acceptable and available thanks to the industry growth of UAV’s in various accuracy and platform configurations. Used primarily for monthly volume change detection, inspections and general surveillance, aerial surveys dramatically reduce ongoing project costs compared to traditional collection methods. WAPS can offer you the sturdy Teledyne Optech UAV XR6 with integrated survey grade photogrammetry technology combined with Gexcel PIXR3 AIR processing software, to help you stay ahead of the competition. Please see the Aerial Mapping product listings below for further information.