Defence & Security

Analyzing homeland security, resources, strategy, reconstruction, nuclear issues, and terrorism are all questions which countries worldwide today have to deal with on a daily basis.  WAPS and its product suppliers offer numerous solutions to meet the needs of the Defence and Security industry.

Commercial and defence users worldwide use the uninterrupted GNSS connectivity capabilities of NavCom’s Starfire technology to support general mapping surveys as well as give them the ability to move truly autonomously without being tied to a local base station.

Defence and security organisations are able to update critical geographic planning information more readily and most importantly to higher degrees of accuracy with Teledyne’s short and long range lidar systems.

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Mobile & Stationary

Combat ongoing changes in the field with rapid and up-to-date field models thanks to mobile mapping systems from Teledyne Optech like the portable Maverick or ultra-high precision data of the Lynx Mobile Mapper. Collect survey reconnaissance data at long distances in a cost effective and safe manner with robust and reliable NavCom and GeoMax equipment. We also offer access to the Teledyne Optech range of Aerial and terrestrial lidar systems, including the long range ILRIS LR scanner able to precisely collect spatial data at distances > 4,000 meters from fixed or moving platforms. All of which can be modified for direct defence applications. Please see our listings for further information.


Tactical Surveillance

Maintain surveillance missions and capture strategic information with long range and reliable survey lidar solutions from Teledyne Optech. Teledyne Optech’s ability to dramatically improve the characterization of specific locations of interest enables a game-changing concept of operations for Tactical Surveillance and Intelligence. For further information please see our Teledyne Optech listings


Unmanned Vehicles

As a precise positioning and navigation solutions provider, NavCom Technology supports unmanned military application needs. From the global accuracy provided by the StarFire Network to its line of GNSS sensors, NavCom products have you covered. Maximizing the advantages of the global StarFire Network, this technology eliminates the range limitations of terrestrial communication links as well as the dependency on ground based reference stations. For further general information please see our listings below.


Mine Detection

Keep track of all your assets. Pinpoint exact locations and deliver timely and accurate reconnaissance data in real time without the need for local base signals. It’s all possible, and practical, with NavCom’s reliable, real-time global StarFire network that’s already been proven in extensive agriculture and construction applications. The ability to detect danger with uninterruptable GNSS connection greatly aids in defence reconnaissance work like mine detection. For further general information please see our StarFire and GNSS Receivers equipment listings below.