Coastal & Marine

We provide access to a range of spatial data collection equipment to enhance your coastal and marine projects. Combine the power of traditional surveying methodology with the latest in aerial mapping and laser scanning to take control of your coastal and marine projects. With leading industry brands including Teledyne Optech and Zoller & Fröhlich WAPS offers solutions for even the most challenging of projects. Together with the precise and robust line of GeoMax and NavCom GNSS technology providing sub centimetre StarFire network accuracy globally to minimize project launch costs and optimise time expenditure.

WAPS offers comprehensive after sales support and training for your coastline mapping and analysis requirements, with options to buy or hire throughout Australia. Call us today to obtain further product information or to arrange a local demonstration!

Coastal Mapping

NavComs Starfire technology provides users with uninterrupted 5 centimetre GNSS accuracy anywhere in the world. No destination is too remote or too treacherous with StarFire GNSS solutions. Lidar and Aerial Mapping solutions also provide the user the option to capture survey grade imagery or scan datasets from safe working distances. For long range scanning solutions Teledyne Optech’s Polaris TLS range of laser scanners will help produce highly accurate project results thanks to its integrated survey project planner workflow system. Please see the following product listings for further information.


Aerial Mapping

Aerial mapping is now readily available with sales and hire options avialable from WAPS. Inspect coastline features, perform change detection surveys or just video and record artistic aerial videos for marketing or just fun personal use. Featuring renowned survey grade photogrammetry technology integrated into a sturdy Teledyne Optech UAV XR6 frame with Gexcel PixR3 AIR processing software, WAPS offers you the cost effective solutions to stay ahead of the competition. Map, video, model and post process your coastal and marine projects with confidence knowing that full support is never more than a phone call away. For further aerial imagery and survey information please see Aerial Mapping product listings below.



Erosion and volume monitoring of coastlines is a hot topic in marine and oceanography research. WAPS offers the most comprehensive and easy to implement solutions for volume determination and erosion analysis with terrestrial lidar and aerial mapping options from Teledyne Optech and Zoller & Fröhlich. Eliminate the need for arduous manual labour and capture your shorelines in their entirety, with safety from a distance. With rigorous and easy to use Gexcel software processing suites, monitoring change in topography is clear and easily to do. Please see our listings below for further information.



Offshore positioning anywhere in the world, uninterrupted and reliable is possible thanks to NavCom Starfire technology. WAPS is proud to be a distributor of NavCom GNSS technologies which have pushed the limits on precise global positioning systems for over a decade and have recently made available their wide area global GPS subscription. Allowing position fixes in the most treacherous of terrain and in the most remote of locations. For further information please see our Survey Equipment, GNSS Firmware and Aerial Mapping listings below.