Architecture & Heritage

Capture and preserve precious cultural and natural heritage sites, update civil, mining and BIM projects on the fly with easy to use 3D Laser Scanning equipment. Eye safe, short and long range scanning models are available for purchase or hire dependant of the customer’s requirements. We offer product solutions in TLS, MLS and ALS scanning technology via Teledyne Optech and Zoller & Fröhlich: the industry leaders in their respective Lidar technologies. We also offer a range of software suites tailored to cover ongoing architecture, heritage or BIM modelling projects.


Product demos, real-world project trials are available upon request and after sales support is provided. With hundreds of hours of laser scanning field use experience our ability to support our products is assured.


Document your assets, organise your worksite and integrate your project technologies with a range of software solutions from Gexcel and Carlson Software. Combined with leading phased based and time-of-flight lidar technology from Zoller and Fröhlich and Teledyne Optech respectively, a complete building or project site can be entirely modelled and kept up to date as the project develops. Use laser scanning data capture technology to plan new or existing building expansions, modifications or heritage site analysis. Please see our Laser Scanners Equipment and Software product listings for further information.


Site Layout

High quality construction, layout & levelling equipment from Nedo and is available Australia wide via our online shop. Made in Dornstetten Germany, Nedo has refined their range of lasers, levels, tools and construction accessories over almost a century of in-house development.  Check your site layouts, measurements and levels with confidence knowing that the products you are using are of the highest quality. We offer calibrations and repairs as required for all Nedo products we sell. Please see our Laser and Levels product listings for further information.


BIM Modelling

Collect spatial data through photogrammetry, traditional surveying methods, aerial surveying and LIDAR then combine them easily and reliably through Gexcel’s JRC Reconstructor software. Preserve history precisely and efficiently using un-invasive Teledyne Optech long range LIDAR scanners. We also offer close range, ultra-precision modelling solutions through the Zoller & Fröhlich Imager series of 3D laser scanners. Featuring Thermal camera and Smartlight options, the Z+F Imager laser scanner series excel at working in challenging environments giving users the ability to reveal even more hidden details in their scanning projects. Please see our listings below for further information.


Reverse Design

Often there are project requirements where existing buildings, structures or heritage sites require the need for internal/external modifications or even duplications for reality presentations or cultural preservation. This process of extracting knowledge or design information is made possible with the use of 3D laser scanner and BIM software technologies. WAPS offers the complete range of phased based laser scanners from Zoller and Fröhlich which have accuracies of <1mm at close ranges. For further general reverse design/engineering related product information please see our Laser Scanner Equipment and Software listings below.