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WAPS offers a huge range of construction accessories complementing all industries.  WAPS can fill your unique requirements of today’s construction industry. Construction accessories include tripods, wheels, cases and more!

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Standard or Elevating Tripod?

Nedo tripods without a crank mechanism are ideal for levelling tasks with builders’ levels or horizontal lasers. Nedo elevating tripods are recommended for applications that require an exact adjustment of the construction laser to a certain working height, e.g. in ceiling construction and other installation work. The desired working height, even of heavy-duty rotating lasers, can be adjusted quickly with Nedo elevating tripods.


Aluminium or Wood?

Modern construction tripods are made of aluminium. Nedo aluminium tripods are lightweight, extremely robust and rigid. They are suitable for the use with builders’ levels, rotating lasers and builders’ theodolites.

Surveyors however, prefer wooden tripods for high-precision instruments as they feature a better damping

behaviour and are less affected by temperature changes than aluminium tripods. The wooden parts of all Nedo wooden tripods are coated with a high-tech plastic material to protect them against moisture. This ensures that Nedo wooden tripods are extremely weatherproof and robust.



Tripods for machine control applications

The sturdy design of the Jumbo Tripod allows vibration-free use of the machine control laser, even in windy conditions. The large working height ensures that the laser beam does not lie in the shadow of construction vehicles or other obstacles. Features:

  • Indirect gear
  • Reinforced telescopes
  • Additional leg struts
  • Spirit level
  • Quick clamp
  • Slip guard
  • Extra-large tripod plate



Industrial Line

Unlike rotating lasers which are set up once a day and which remain unchanged in that position all day long, laser scanners require elevating tripods that allow to easily lift and lower heavy-duty laser scanners continuously. When working with laser scanners, elevating tripods have to cope with a higher load applied which results in more wear and tear especially in the gear unit. Industrial Line is a new series of tripods perfectly adjusted to the meet the special requirements of laser scanners or heavy-duty instruments.







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