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    WA Precision Surveys

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    Learn about our products and support services which we can offer.

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    Experienced and industry respected senior management team.

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    WAPS maintains valid spatial science and industry accreditations.

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    Robotic Total Stations, RTK GNSS receivers, 3D Laser Scanners, Mobile LIDAR technology, Construction Lasers and Accessories. Just some of the equipment available for Hire or Sale.

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    Robotic Total Stations

    Geomax Zoom80 series robotic total stations available for purchase.

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    Navcom Survey GNSS

    Latest model Navcom StarFire technology equipped GNSS receivers available for purchase. Experience leading industry product features like “RTK Extend” and “Ultra RTK” today.

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    Navcom Starfire

    Global land or ocean Navcom StarFire Network subscriptions know available in Australia. Obtain 50mm accuracy positioning without a base station. Navcom – the industry leaders.

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    Survey Accessories

    WA Precision Surveys provides a full range of survey accessories including legs, prism poles, tribrachs, prisms, survey tape, field books and survey pegs; just to name a few.

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    Civil Infrastructure

    Utilize terrestrial laser scanners for you next road, rail or bridge project. WAPS can provide laser scanners for short and long term project hire.

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    Utilize laser scanning technology in an industrial environment and capture vast areas of complex plant, power utility and piping networks; thus saving your client’s significant construction costs and project delays.

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    Mining earthworks volumes, roadworks construction and land topography projects can all benefit from the use of Laser Scanner derived datasets.

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    Architecture and Bim

    The ability to capture existing building spatial information with Laser Scanner technology for architecture design has never been as quick and accurate than now. Utilize LiDAR datasets for decision making building information modelling (BIM) procedures.

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    Mobile Lidar

    Survey grade high accuracy LiDAR datasets can be utilized for Roads, Rail, Earthworks Marine projects. WAPS can provide training and support for your next engineering projects.

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    Machine Control

    MOBA Excavators

    Reduce project timeframes whilst increasing accuracy. MOBA’s XSite PRO excavator machine control systems give you this ability.

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    MOBA Graders / Bulldozers

    Reach grade and stay on grade. MOBA’s 3D-Matic grade control systems ensure that you finish your construction projects faster and more accurately.

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    MOBA Pavers / Profilers

    Remove and place asphalt to tight project tolerances faster and more accurately. A stringless jobsite is possible with MOBA machine control.

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    MOBA Drilling / Platforms

    MOBA offers complete 3D machine control height and position solutions for drilling machines and aerial work

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    MOBA Rollers

    Project pre-planning capabilities, cost optimization and real-time compaction tracking. Industry leading solutions for asphalt earthworks compaction.

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    Machine Control Design

    MOBA Design Files

    MOBA 3D-Matic data format experience. WAPS provides full after sales training and support for all MOBA machine control systems.

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    Novatron Design Files

    Novatron Land Nova machine control software data experience. Let us train you to generate the required Anpakke LIN and PRF horizontal and vertical profiles for your 3D excavator systems.

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    Leica Design Files

    Leica Power Grade and Power Digger machine control data file experience. From PLN and PRF line formats to fully detailed TSB and Land XML final basecoarse grade DTM machine files. WAPS has you covered.

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    Trimble Design Files

    Extensive Trimble Business Center HCE experience in producing accurate *.TTM and *.SVD machine control project surface files. Let WAPS train and guide you in your next Trimble machine control earthworks projects.

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    Topcon Design Files

    Local and international Topcon 3DMC machine control data format experience. From RD3 and LN3 linework and alignment requirements to final TN3 paver DTM files; WAPS has you covered.

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    Lasers and Accessories

    NEDO Exterior Lasers

    Single grade, dual grade and machine control rotating lasers for all construction earthworks requirements. Experience German quality products today.

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    NEDO Interior Lasers

    Vertical and horizontal cross lasers, green beam rotating lasers and a wide range of supporting accessories available to aid all internal construction projects.

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    NEDO Pipe Lasers

    NEDO TUBUS pipe laser available for purchase. Set grade and lay drainage services faster and more accurately with the TUBUS.

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    NEDO Accessories

    The complete range of NEDO GmbH survey accessories, auto levels and measuring products is available from the authorized dealer: WA Precision Surveys.

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    Sales and Hire

    Survey Equipment Hire

    Latest survey technology available for short term or long term hire periods.

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    Machine Control Hire

    MOBA 3D machine control systems available for hire. Try before you decide to buy with full field support services.

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    Lasers Hire

    NEDO construction lasers available for short term or long term hire periods.

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    Accessories Hire

    Schonstedt magnetic locators, auto levels as well as general construction accessories available for short term hire periods.

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    Service and Support

    WAPS Service

    Full product service and support capabilities. From spare parts, product damage repairs to new software product upgrades: WA Precision Surveys is at your service.

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    WAPS Calibrations

    Need an auto level, rotating laser or pipe laser calibrated? NEDO certified calibration facilities ensures that customer’s equipment is maintained to manufacturers and industry requirements.

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    Waps training

    3D machine control operator field and office training courses. Navcom survey training courses. Let WA Precision Surveys ensure that you stay upto date with technology advancements.

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    WAPS Machine Control

    WA Precision Surveys provides full “remote help” facilities ensuring that your machine control
    investment is backed up with professional support services.

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WA Precision Surveys

Explore our site to discover how our clients enjoy projects delivered to world class standards, on time and error free. Explore our site to discover how our clients enjoy projects delivered to world class standards, on time and error free., Lorem ipsum some text very shorty.

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